Java Expert

The Java Expert course will turn you into a full stack java developer. This course will start from basics of Java and will advance to next level modules like Servlets, JDBC, JSP, RMI, and enterprise modules like Spring, Spring MVC, Struts2 and REST APIs.
You will be working on live projects as part of this course and will also be getting placements with our 400+ recruiters.

300 Hrs
C++, Basic Web Knowledge

Course Content

Course Details

If you want to explore Java to the next level and get the enterprise level JEE skills, this is the best course for you. The Java Expert course will cover Core Java, followed by JDBC, RMI, Servlets, JSP and REST API framework and Spring, Struts, Design Patterns and much more. The course is perfectly aligned with the OCJP(Oracle Certified Java Professional) and OCWCD(Oracle Certified Web Component Developer) certification exam from oracle.
The Java Expert training course is completely practical oriented. Throughout the course there will be lots of hands on, assignments, online tests and machine tests conducted. You will also get a few case studies to go through which will help you develop a deep understanding of the JEE implementation standards.
The trainers for the Java Expert course are having minimum experience of 10 yrs and have worked on several enterprise projects. Learning from BitCode’s expert trainer is always a great experience and full of fun. You will get to learn and understand the latest technology trends in Java/JEE.

Key Features

  • Experienced and Certified Trainer
  • 300 Hrs of high quality course contents
  • Case Studies and Articles
  • Live Project
  • OCJP, OCWCD Oriented contents
  • Best Post Training Support and Placements
  • Soft Skills, Life Skills Sessions
  • Placement Support




At the end of this course you will be having professional skills in Java Full Stack Development. You would be able to write professional JEE applications .

At the end of this course you will be prepared to appear for the OCJP(Oracle Certified Java Professional), OCWCD (Oracle Certified Web Component Developer) certification exams. The contents of the Java Expert course are perfectly aligned with OCJP, OCWCD exam contents. Our trainers are certified Java Professionals having excellent knowledge of Java Certification exams.

Yes, you will be getting placement once you have completed the Java Expert course from BitCode. We have around 90% placement track record. Because of transparent placement process and the best quality training contents and a big candidate pool, we are the preferred recruitment partner by our recruiters. BitCode is having the best placements in pune when it comes to web development.

As part of the Java Expert training program, you will be getting a chance to work on live project. The project would be allocated and guided by an expert mentor who will be helping you throughout the project life cycle.
You will also be getting a few sample projects as case studies to understand the standard implementation practices in JEE.

BitCode is known for it's strong post training support. You can repeat the batch for 1 year even after the course is completed. You can work on multiple projects, and are allowed to use BitCode's infrastructure till the time you do not get a Job. Even if you are done with your course still you can get help from our faculties/instructors/mentors regarding all your technical needs/queries.

Yes, at BitCode you can repeat the course (you have enrolled) for next 1 year from the completion date of the course.