Android Expert

Become a professional Android App Developer. This course will help you develop Android Programming skills, and start career in Android.
As part of the course, you will learn Android architecture, user interfaces, activities, controls, layouts, services, content providers, multimedia APIs, maps, web serices and lot more. You’ll gain practical development experience by working on live project during the Android app development course. Learn Android today, and secure a great job and fast moving career!

410 Hrs
C, C++
Advanced Android

Course Content

Course Details

The Android Expert training program starts with Core Java, which is prerequisite for Android and then it takes you through Android. The Android Expert course will also cover the necessary PHP in-order to help you understand the server side scripting and a little about web concepts.
At the end of this course, you will be able to write professional Android applications as per the standards and deploy it on play store. The course will cover various topics in depth like UI/UX, Web Communications, Reusable components, using hardware and many more.
Along with the technology part this course also includes Soft-Skills and Life-Skills sessions by one the Best Motivational Trainer and speaker in the industry having more than 24 yrs of experience.
As part of this course you will get chance to work on live project which will help you to thoroughly understand the complete app development life-cycle.
BitCode will also provide you placement at the end of the course. We have a consistent track of over 90% placement which is best in the industry.

Key Features

  • Trainer with 15+ Years of Experience
  • Best Quality Training
  • In-depth Course Contents
  • 410 hours of high-quality course contents
  • Live Project
  • Placement Support | Post training support




At the end of the course you will be having expert Core Java programming skills and will be able to develop and publish professional Android application on play store. You will be having in depth knowledge and will be knowing all the perspectives of Core Java and Android App Development.

Yes, once you have completed the course, you can avail placement services from BitCode. With more than 460+ recruiters, we have a consitent track record of around 90% placement, which is best in the industry. We are the most trusted training compnay by our recruiters, as we are very much trasparent to our students as well as recruiters.

We will provide you internship with our recruiters. Through BitCode's internship program you will get chance to work with the professionals and learn the details of software development. BitCode also provides internship to Engineering and MCS students.

Yes, you will be getting to chance to work live project. We have dedicated instructors/mentors who will guide you while working on projects.
Live projects will help you concrete and in-deapth Understanding of Android and will help you to understand and overcome the difficulties and challenges in Android App Development.

BitCode is known for it's strong post training support. You can repeat the batch for 1 year even after the course is completed. You can work on multiple projects, and are allowed to use BitCode's infrastructure till the time you do not get a Job. Even if you are done with your course still you can get help from our faculties/instructors/mentors regarding all your technical needs/queries.

Yes, at BitCode you can repeat the course (you have enrolled) for next 1 year from the completion date of the course.