Oracle 9i/10g

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Oracle 9i/10g

Duration: 96 Hrs
Prerequisites: Any Programming Language, Basic Knowledge of Databases
Recommended Next Course: Oracle certification

You will be able to...

  • Build robust and scalable Oracle9i database applications
  • Establish a data model and a storage framework
  • Develop powerful and efficient SQL statements
  • Write reusable structured PL/SQL code with cursors, procedures and triggers
  • Improve application performance by utilizing indexes and optimizing PL/SQL

Who should attend...
This course is valuable for those who are, or will be, working with Oracle9i. Experience with relational databases and familiarity with basic programming concepts are helpful. Computer Fundamentals and Windows Operating System knowledge is an advantage. Any Programming Language, DBMS like Dbase or FoxPro are preferred.

  • Introduction to DBMS
  • Database Design, ER Diagrams & Normalization
  • Introduction to SQL and SQL*Plus
  • SQL-DDL (Data Definition Language)
  • SQL-DML (Data Retrieval)
  • SQL-DML (Data Manipulation Language)
  • Transaction Processing
  • Views, Synonyms & Sequences
  • Indexing & Clustering
  • PL/SQL Language, PL/SQL Modules
  • Cursors, Procedures, Functions
  • Packages, Database Triggers
  • Oracle Architecture